“Adopt zero tolerance for counterfeit electrical products” – Mr Gokaldas

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Mr Vijay P. Gokaldas, Electrical Product Authentication Expert on Thursday called on Ghanaians to adopt zero tolerance for counterfeit electrical products; as fake goods are death traps, which must be avoided for the protection of lives and properties.

Mr Gokaldas noted that, Ghana must adopt the policy of zero tolerance for fake goods, especially electrical products and electronic appliances, and urged the public to deal with accredited companies and not to take the authenticity of electrical products for granted.

“Actively seek information and education about any electrical product you intend purchasing, as it helps in avoiding counterfeit products,” Mr Gokaldas, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Services Merchandise Limited (SML) stated in Accra.

The Communication for Development and Advocacy Consult (CDA Consult) and Ghana Standards Authority as well as other state institutions has launched a nationwide campaign dubbed: “Avoid Patronage of Counterfeit Electrical Products and Electronic Appliances”.

The CDA Consult nationwide anti-counterfeit electrical product and electronic appliances campaign seeks to covers…

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